3 Reasons why you should get into Virtual Reality

360° Virtual Reality by Liquid Ambient

360° Virtual Reality by Liquid Ambient


For many years augmented and virtual reality were the stuff of science fiction. You hear virtual reality and most likely imagine serious gamers strapping on large pseudo-ski-goggles as they’re transported into a virtual game world. Now with powerful smartphones powering inexpensive VR headsets, the consumer market is primed for new experiences and gaming just scratches the surface of what virtual reality has to offer.

You can kayak the Grand Canyon, fly over beautiful islands, or even tour that house you’ve been eyeing for the last few months. Industries such as Travel, Real Estate, Education, and Health Care have started investing time and money into marketing
campaigns that incorporate the use of virtual reality.

And the ones that do it right brilliantly position their brand as first-in-class!

1. You can provide an unforgettable virtual travel experience

Virtual Reality redefines product experience and thus has the ability to teleport users to preview hotels and destinations around the world, before packing their suitcases. A 360° Virtual Reality tour gives users the opportunity to engage all of their senses in a virtual world, tailored specifically to your brand and your product. Whether you’re selling rooms, suites, villas or services, VR calls for involvement with the product in an innovative way that will make your brand stand out.

2. We deliver your Virtual Reality content directly to the POS

Once produced, we won‘t let you what we call „die in beauty“. You can not only watch your VR Tour on wired systems like the Oculus Rift or smartphones combined with VR-headsets like the Samsung Gear, no you can place it on your website too.
But the coolest thing is that we can deliver your Virtual Reality content into the Quality-Travel-Alliance Network and TUI travel agencies. This means directly into over 9.000 POS in the german speaking market. That‘s the place to be!

3. You stand out of the crowd on fairs, roadshows and save money

We all know these booths overloaded with elaborately produced brochures. And we all know what effort it takes to show up with countless cartons of marketing material on a roadshow. By presenting your product or destination in VR, you do not just stand out from your competitors, but you‘ll have less to carry and much less to be produced and payed.

Open the following links with your smartphone or scann the QR-Code and put it into a VR-headset to fully enjoy the 360° Virtual Reality Tours
(Of course, you can also open the 360 ° panorama tours on any regular desktop computer or tablet)


OZEN by Atmosphere http://www.liquidambient-vr.com/ozen

OBLU by Atmosphere http://www.liquidambient-vr.com/oblu

Kanifushi by Atmosphere http://www.liquidambient-vr.com/kanifushi

LIQUID AMBIENT is one of the first agencies in Germany to offer professional 360 ° virtual reality products of the highest quality. Whether on land, in the water or from the air, our special 360 ° VR camera can be used almost anywhere to produce breathtaking recordings that will surely leave a lasting emotional impression on your customers.

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